Bernardo Bellotto. On the 300th Anniversary of the Painter's Birth

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Bernardo Bellotto set off on the path to an amazing career from Venice and the studio of his uncle Antonio Canal, who had gained artistic fame by painting views of that city. In 1747, the master’s nephew was invited to the court of Augustus III and settled in Dresden. His stay there was prolonged as commissions often and rhythmically came his way, while the style of the court and its atmosphere suited the artist well. It was not until 11 years later that he changed patrons and moved to Vienna, summoned by the Empress Maria Theresa, who had heard of the Italian pittore and was keen to have views of her palaces painted. In Schönbrunn, however, he did not find the care and consideration consistent with his ambition, so after three years he relocated to Munich, where he remained less than a year before returning to the Saxon court of the Wettins. The death of Augustus III in 1763 brought about great changes in the court circles of the Saxon Elector and at the same time King of Poland, so being of a restless spirit, Bellotto decided to seek opportunities somewhere else. In 1767 he arrived in Warsaw. Originally, this was supposed to be just a short stop on a journey east. However, he remained in the city on the Vistula for the next 13 years, until the end of his life enjoying fame as an excellent vedutista and effective fulfiller of royal commissions. He became immersed in court circles, achieved popularity and became a frequenter of salons and a favourite of Stanisław August. He gained a reputation as the best portraitist of cities, known at all the European courts for his artistry. He was as much admired for his excellent depiction of ordinary streets and dark corners as he was for portraying fancy houses and elegant palaces – Prof. Dr. Wojciech Fałkowski, Director of the Royal Castle Museum in Warsaw – Museum.

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Wydawca Zamek Królewski w Warszawie - Muzeum
Rok wydania 2022
ISBN 9788370223045
Oprawa twarda
Liczba stron 428
Wymiary 23,7 x 30 cm
Waga 2200g
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